A happily productive 2014 and a better 2015!

The past year has been good to me.

I have started the development of my first RPG – Call of Saregnar – and while I haven’t progressed as far as I would have liked, it is progress nevertheless. Having a full-time job and a 2 year old kid, there isn’t much time left to dedicate to my “geeky hobby” of making games.

Let’s take a look at some game-dev highlights for 2014:

  • Came out with the idea for the game 🙂
  • Wrote the world bible and created some rudimentary world maps
  • Created the functional specification for the game
  • Drew many of the in-game interface graphics
  • Coded the game’s city/village/location exploration system
  • Started working on the first tool – the map editor

Well, that’s not too bad, now that I look at it.

I will be happy if 2015 brings on that much progress as the past year did. Hopefully, soon I will have some visuals to back up my words.

Be sure to go check out the game development section on this site for more information on the game.

The Thief of Dreams

UPDATE: The kickstarter is live! Go and pledge!

From the writer behind the hit computer games Betrayal at Krondor and Dungeon Siege comes The Thief of Dreams, a new fantasy novel set in a world where magic is forbidden, where sorcerers are spies, and where a force beyond imagination threatens to transform the long simmering cold war between the nine kingdoms into a cataclysmic, world-shattering conflict.

The Thief of Dreams

NEAL HALLFORD has been writing for the computer gaming industry for over twenty three years, and has been lauded for his work in a number of benchmark fantasy games including Betrayal at Krondor, Dungeon Siege, Might & Magic III: Isles of Terra, Planet’s Edge, Champions of Norrath, Lords of Everquest and many others. Over the years his work has been experienced by millions of game players. His game Betrayal at Krondor was novelized into a New York Times best-selling book by Raymond E. Feist, and Dungeon Siege was adapted into the movie In the Name of the King, starring Jason Statham. Hallford now lives in San Diego, California where he’s also an independent film producer at Swords & Circuitry Studios which he operates with his wife, Jana.

Launching on Kickstarter on April 10th at Noon (Pacific Time).

Neal Hallford at Thorvalla Kickstarter Launch (Update: Project Cancelled)

Check out the video recording of the Thorvalla Kickstarter launch event from Neal Hallford, the designer behind the award-winning Betrayal at Krondor RPG, Dungeon siege and many more. I also participated in the interview, posting questions and having a lot of fun. 🙂

Anyway take a look at the Thorvalla Kickstarter project and be sure to back it! Guido Henkel, the mastermind behind this project also worked on Planetscape:Torment and the Realms of Arkania series of RPGs back in the nineties, so he does have some experience in the field. 😉

Basically we have two very talented game designers and writers working together on a new RPG game. What more can you ask for? Back the project and make Thorvalla a reality!

Update: Sadly, the project has been cancelled.

Official Betrayal at Krondor Remake Petition

Neal Hallford is looking for Betrayal at Krondor hard-core fans to sign a petition that – if successful – will start a Kickstarter campaign to fund the sequel.

For those of you who don’t know the original, take a look at Matt Barton’s video review of the goldie oldie BaK

Read what Mr. Hallford has to say on the subject and go sign the petition!

[EDIT] Betrayal at Krondor Remake?

Neal Hallford, co-author of Betrayal at Krondor is discussing the possibility of remaking BaK if enough buzz is generated. Visit this facebook thread and share!



Well, the situation turns out to be more complicated than that. This is an excerpt from *a* mailing list where Mr. Feist replied to a fan asking for the possibility af a BaK remake for its 20th anniversary and the rights involved:

I like Neal and John, but Neal was totally inappropriate with his post; he did that before John contacted me to ask about those rights. Neal has always been a little impulsive.
In any event beyond that there is nothing I can speak about publicly.
Best, R.E.F.

Another Feist’s comment on the rights “sitting in a box someplace in the company formally known as Sierra OnLine”:

Yup. I speak from experience that NO ONE at Activision/Blizzard gives a crap, or even knows about it.

Trust me, just getting my story rights back took years, not because they didn’t want to give them back, but because no one knew what we were talking about.

This leaves me and the many fans out there wondering who’s holding the rights for the game. Is it the now defunct Sierra Online (at the moment owned by Activision) or perhaps R.E.F. himself?

Anyway, time will tell if we are ever going to see a BaK remake or even “Thief of Dreams”, the real sequel to Betrayal at Krondor.

Midkemia Online

Sometimes I wonder how the hell can something that I am completely and totally interested in, slip by and get unnoticed. Well, today while browsing the internets I stumbled across a MMORPG based in Raymond E. Feist’s Midkemian universe. Being a huge fan of Feist’s works and role-playing games in general, I couldn’t help but stare at the discovery. Having really enjoyed his books and played both BaK and RtK games (a gazillion times) I got really eager to jump into this game.

Well this is a text-based RPG, which means all you do is stare at a terminal window reading and typing in commands to interact with the game. At first I was all excited to join the game, but despite the fact that I was eager to give the text-based world a shot, I discovered just how shallow the game really was. The main thing that put me off was the very unmmaginative quests – go fetch that and bring it to me type quests. In short, that was it. I think I’ll be better off reading Feist’s novels.

Betrayal at Krondor Demo Module Available

A demo of the Betrayal at Krondor NWN2 mod is now available.

From the author:

I’m happy to announce that a demo mod of Chapter 1 of “Betrayal at Krondor” is available for play-testing.
Anyone who is interested should let me know and I’ll give the invite for the shared DropBox folder (you must have a DropBox account to do this).

I am inviting serious play-testers to download these files to make sure the game actually works on a computer other than my own. Since this is my first module “release,” I might have forgotten to include some files or something, and I’d like things to be ready to go before posting to the Vault. Mask of the Betrayer is required.

You can find out more on the mod from the official NWN2 module page.