Low poly, no flatness

If you’ve been following me on twitter or facebook, you know that I have been busy redesigning the low-poly look of the game’s buildings. While I haven’t altered the poly count, I went with much more detail on the texturing front.

At first, the idea and inspiration came from my favourite game of all time – Betrayal at Krondor – but as I went on, searching for the look, I knew such minimalist graphics wouldn’t cut it. I wanted more detail. So I tried my hand at texturing, by applying UVs in Blender and drawing the actual textures in Affinity Photo, which I wholeheartedly reccommend as a cheap and equally valid alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop.

The result you can see in this photo.

Of course the rest of the land was just too flat at that point, so I went to add more detail to the roads.

Pictured is the before/after result. I’m not quite satisfied yet, but it’s an improvement.

I’ll report as more progress is made. Thank you for reading!

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