I confess. I just didn’t do much game development lately.

Mostly because I am working extended shifts at my day job and I am just too tired to even look at a computer screen, let alone do anything productive. Yet, I wasn’t resting altogether, but used the remainder of my brain power to do some world building.

I should write an article on Onal’n, the world in which CoS will take place, but I’ll leave the details for another day. What is important to understand for now, is that the charm of the game will come from this world; its places, its people, its legends and stories. Without a lovingly crafted world, a text-heavy game like CoS has no chance in the eyes of the player. Sure it’s got some great mechanics, but without a detailed world to reside in, it’s empty as a blank page. 

Nobody likes to read a blank page. 

Design work

Besides refactoring some old project code, I’ve spent much time on the story, world and design. 

The outline of the story is complete, but much detail is still missing. I really have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am happy with the basis. 

I’ve also dabbled into the way magic works in the world and what the gods really are and other existentialist questions and found more answers than questions – which isn’t a bad thing anyway. 

On the design side, I’ve been trying to figure out how will combat work and fit into the rest of the game. I am almost certain now it will not be an abstract thing, like a card-based system, but a realistic and immersive combat thingie. Will be prototyping it soon I guess. 

Off to bed now. Until next time. 

Inventory pt. 2

Yesterday I implemented some missing UI features in the inventory systems:
  1. Highlighting the current character works now
  2. After moving an item to another inventory, the current inventory grid automatically sorts with an animation.
  3. Not showing stack size when there is only one item on the stack.