New Apple Keyboard

Today I finally received the apple keyboard I ordered. I was weighing the purchase decision between the wired and the wireless model; finally I settled for the wired one because of the USB 2.0 hub built in… one never has enough USB ports, right? 🙂 I also had to choose between the local Slovenian and the international (US) layout, but finally opted for the international version, which is much better suited for programming if you ask me.

Anyway, right now I am typing this entry on it and I am *very* satisfied with the look and feel of it all. The keyboard feels very sturdy and because it is so thin, typing is much more comfortable than on its predecessor. The only thing that slightly bothers me right now, is that I need to hit the keys harder than I am used to with other keyboards else I just keep skipping letters. Overall, I am impressed with the little white thing and I believe I will purchase another one for my peecee at work. Recommended!