Morale Boosting

I’ve been working on the game every day – no exceptions – for some time now, and I’ve rarely felt like I was forcing myself into doing it. As far as I recall, this is the first time in the development of the game, that I’ve felt this way. I feel like I’ve reached a certain point where I am confident that the game can be made and will be made, and that is a big morale boost when working alone on a big-scale project like an RPG.

Another thing that obviously works fabulously well in bringing motivation into a project, is exposition. Recently I’ve started revealing the existence of CoS to the world, and have received a lot of positive feedback, particularly from our Slovenian community and friends. Even if I don’t have anything flashy to show yet, just openly speaking about the project makes it somehow more… real, and I urge everyone to let their project out in the open – you can only benefit from it.

Now please excuse me, I have a magic system do develop.

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