Betrayal at Krondor Demo Module Available

A demo of the Betrayal at Krondor NWN2 mod is now available.

From the author:

I’m happy to announce that a demo mod of Chapter 1 of “Betrayal at Krondor” is available for play-testing.
Anyone who is interested should let me know and I’ll give the invite for the shared DropBox folder (you must have a DropBox account to do this).

I am inviting serious play-testers to download these files to make sure the game actually works on a computer other than my own. Since this is my first module “release,” I might have forgotten to include some files or something, and I’d like things to be ready to go before posting to the Vault. Mask of the Betrayer is required.

You can find out more on the mod from the official NWN2 module page.

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