Reducing The Speaker Volume on The Garrett Pro-Pointer

The new Garrett Pro-Pointer is undoubtfully a great pinpointer, solidly built and working great, but in my opinion it is annoyingly LOUD. Of course if you want to silent it a little, you just have to put a finger on the speaker port, but if you are looking for a more practical solution, I’ve written a step-by-step tutorial for you to turn down the volume for good. Don’t worry, the procedure is quite simple and reversible, so mostly anyone can do it. Ok, here we go:

Step one: Open the battery compartment and take out the battery.

Opening Battery Compartment
Opening the battery compartment

Step two: Remove the screw in the corner inside the battery compartment.

Removing The Screw
Removing the screw

Step three: Remove the rubber cap covering the ON/OFF switch. Basically you have to squeeze the thing and pull it out. Notice the white microswitch under the cap.

Removing the Switch Cap
Removing the switch cap

Step Four (Careful!): Hold down the microswitch and carefully pull the battery compartment out from the back of the unit. As you pull, make sure the switch doesn’t get caught against the pointer’s housing. I’ve learned this the hard way, as I forcefully pulled the battery compartment out and the switch fell to pieces. And believe me, with that many tiny parts it is not easy to put it together again!

Holding Down The Microswitch
Holding down the microswitch

Step Five: Pulling the battery compartment out, the electronics are revealed. Notice the big black round thing with the hole in it? That’s the speaker. At this point you could unweld if you want to shut it off completely, but I went easy on the poor thing and I’ve basically taped it over.

Exposing the Electronics And Speaker
Exposing the Electronics And Speaker

Step Six: Tape over the speaker with any tape you like. I’ve used the normal transparent type and I’ve taped it over six times until I was sure that was the volume level I wanted.

Taping Over the Speaker
Taping Over the Speaker

Final step: Assembling the unit is basically the reverse of the disassembling procedure above. One word of advice: Don’t push the electronics with the battery compartment too hard inside, it should slide in quite easily. The trick is to make way for the electronics by carefully pushing the wires away from the travelling path of the circuit board. Also notice the grooves on the inside of the pinpointer housing. Make sure the circuit board slides into these grooves as you push it in. Luckily the thing will slide in position without much effort and you’ll be able to enjoy your modified gadget in no time.

Good luck hunting with your silenced pinpointer!

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8 thoughts on “Reducing The Speaker Volume on The Garrett Pro-Pointer”

  1. Thanks for the great review and pics. I’m thinking of getting one of these and your review helped me make a decision.

    What I can’t seem to figure out is what kind of batteries it takes? Regular AA?

    Good luck with your detecting,


  2. Hi, thanks for the helpful tip.
    I’m thinking of buying a Pro pointer for a trip to Europe where I wont be able to take my Ace 250. Would you recommend it if I wanted to do a bit of detecting on the side? From some demos it appears the range is only 2 inches or so deep.

  3. Nick, thanks for the comment.
    Detecting with a pinpointer would be extremely inefficient as its purpose is not to detect large areas, but to precisely locate a target you already know it’s there somewhere.

    Its range is about two inches (5 cm), which is just right for its intended purpose.

    I know there is a PI pinpointer available, which also comes with a search coil to use for general detecting, but that is a different machine and also quite pricey. It also lacks metal discrimination. At the moment I can’t recall the manufacturer, sorry.

  4. Hi Damjam ive not long purchased the pro pointer and yes i found it a bit loud but i can live with that, what i found was if i put too much pressure on it pushing it down hard into the dirt it gives a false signal.have you had this problem?

    1. Yes, this might happen if the dirt down deep is heavily mineralised AND wet. You can avoid this by turning it off and back on while holding it somewhat deeper in the hole, close to the earth (but not near any finds!). This will calibrate it to the natural earth’s mineralization.

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