The Futhark Spade

The whole thingAfter a couple month’s of fair use, it is time I give a short review of my newest digging spade tool – the younger Futhark.

The first impression of the spade is its weight – and it’s damn light. Taking it the first time to a metal detecting trip I thought the wooden handle wouldn’t survive much abuse. Now after many trips and many holes dug, I am sure it will last me for a very long time before it needs replacement. This is not a flimsy spade, but a first-grade tool made by an enthusiast detectorist.

The exceptional attention to detail that went into producing this spade can be seen from tip to handle. Any point along the wooden shaft that could suffer a break, has been well taken care of. For example, the part of the wooden shaft where it splits in half towards the handle is fastened tight with a metal pin. Same it goes at the other end where the shaft is inserted into the stainless steel digger.

The steel’s end is made from thick metal and the pointy end is very sharp. Stepping just lightly on the spade’s nicely folded shoulders, easily and neatly cuts into the earth – a real joy to use!

Take a look at the gallery below. After many outings the spade still looks good and it feels as strong as new.

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