Shallow Water Hunting Explained DVD Review

Well, this was refreshing! No, I’m not talking about beverage – I’m talking about about the new DVD by The Metal Detectives, titled “Shallow Water Hunting Explained”. To tell you the truth, I was expecting an amateurish product, but the 110 minute vid delivered a polished and well presented view on the subject. No kidding, the DVD took them nearly three years to complete.

The “metal detecting trio”, namely Gary Brun, Gordon Heritage and Pat Watson lead you through the following:

  • Mudlarking,
  • Wading in rivers,
  • Beach hunting
  • They cover both basic and advanced (costly) equipment
  • They don’t forget about safety.
I must say that I would enjoy the DVD more if the authors would fit in more tips and tricks on metal detecting in water. With a title like this, one would think to learn a little something extra, but then again, metal detecting is a pretty straightforward hobby.
Going for £22 including P&P to a UK address and 32 Euro for the rest of Europe the DVD is not of the cheapest, but I consider the money well spent. Also marketing a DVD for such a niche hobby costs a lot and I understand the authors need to cover the production costs.
You can pick your copy at the links above, or you can find more information in this topic at the minelabowners web site.
Thumbs up to the authors!
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