Sherlock DTS-PRO Pinpointer Review

It’s been a while that I was considering getting a pinpointer to accompany my Minelab X-Terra 70, but I was outraged at the prices of most probes out there. After spending some time on the web researching and reading many user opinions on various pinpointing probes, I decided to buy a cheap (45$) Sherlock DTS-PRO pinpointer. Now, was the little device just what I was looking for? Did it reach my expectations? Well, read on to find out.

The Sherlock is a simple to use palm-sized plastic pinpointer. Its use is simple; you turn the sensitivity adjuster until the red light and/or beep sound goes out and it is calibrated. To activate it, you have to push and hold  the round membrane button in the middle and release it to turn it off – simple. The device produces quite a loud constant sound when it hits metal, and you can turn it off by flicking a switch in the 9V battery compartment. Besides sound, the pinpointer has a front mounted led diode, which lights up when you are on target.

The pinpointer’s performance is perhaps on the weak side, punching about 5 centimeters into the earth. I haven’t tried other pinpointers, but I felt like I could use a bit more power when searching for the find in the hole. I’ve found myself spending too much time probing around with the sherlock, when what I should have been doing was digging deeper.

Looking at its construction, it doesn’t feel very sturdy, and I don’t believe it could handle much abuse, but hey, you get what you pay for.

You might think this review is on the negative side, but the sherlock is still a decent piece of hardware I wouldn’t want to be without. As long as you keep it away from water and too much dust and handle it properly, it is quite a lot you get for the money spent.

Update: I’ve recently purchased the Garrett Pro-pointer, which for double the price brings much more depth, precision and build quality. My opinion on the Sherlock has certainly changed – for the worse. Stay tuned for a review of the Garrett.

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