Apple Releases Aperture 2.0

Fresh from the apple store comes Aperture 2.0. The full version will set you back for 199$, while the upgrade from a previous version comes at 99$.

Some of the new features, as noted by apple:

  • Image adjustment controls such as Highlight Recovery, Definition, Vibrancy, and Vignette
  • Retouch tool with soft-edged brush to remove unwanted elements from photos.
  • Next-generation RAW image processing for highest-quality images
  • Quick Preview mode for rapid-fire photo browsing
  • Simplified user interface that maximizes screen space and provides direct access to your iPhoto library from within Aperture
  • Integration with .Mac Web Gallery to instantly publish your photos, allowing visitors to view and download images.

Of all the new features, what impresses me the most is the new streamlined interface, which only confirms that apple is the master of user interface design.

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